Complications associated with diet manipulation in callimico (Callimico goeldii)


Lintzenich BA, Langan JN, Meehan TP, Sodaro VC. 2005. Complications associated with diet manipulation in callimico (Callimico goeldii). In Graffam W, Hellinga D, Maslanka M, Ward A, Eds. Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Omaha, NE.


The diet traditionally fed to Callimico goeldii in North American institutions has included a canned, nutritionally complete food combined with fruits, vegetables and insects. There has been a long-standing question as to whether the diet could be contributing to health issues in this species, particularly renal disease. Although, no direct correlation between the diet and renal disease has been documented, a primary concern continues to be the high levels of vitamin D that have historically been formulated into their diets. More recent clinical and post-mortem findings, hepatic and gastrointestinal disease in addition to renal disease, suggest that there may be other dietary issues besides the quantity of vitamin D that may be influencing the longevity and health of this species in captivity.


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