ZWNF Grants: Research, Education & Travel

The Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition Foundation (ZWNF) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of:

  • contributing expertise and providing funds to support zoo and wildlife nutrition programs worldwide,
  • furthering the science of zoo nutrition
  • facilitating the dissemination of nutrition knowledge, and
  • developing the next generation of zoo nutrition leaders

ZWNF Research Grant

The ZWNF Research Grant supports basic or applied research in the area of zoo and wildlife nutrition.
Grants may be funded up to $1000, and funding may be used to support research programs, including no more than $250 allocated to travel expenses.
Examples of projects eligible for ZWNF Research Grant support include: animal studies evaluating nutrient intake and/or nutrient requirements, evaluation of nutrient content of dietary items, palatability work and other effects of diet/nutrition on behavior, development and/or validation of tools for nutritional assessment such as BCS methods. Examples of projects that are not eligible for ZWNF Research Grant support include: diet surveys without some component described above, studies examining animal physiology without a nutrition component.

ZWNF Education & Travel Grant

The ZWNF Education & Travel Grant supports attendance at a comparative nutrition or animal nutrition-related conference, workshop, or training program.
This grant funding may be used to support travel and/or registration costs, and funding may be requested up to $500 for this purpose.