ZWNF Grants: Research, Education & Travel – UPDATED 24 May 2021

The Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition Foundation (ZWNF) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of:

  • contributing expertise and providing funds to support zoo and wildlife nutrition programs worldwide,
  • furthering the science of zoo nutrition
  • facilitating the dissemination of nutrition knowledge, and
  • developing the next generation of zoo nutrition leaders

The ZWNF Research Grant supports basic or applied research in the area of zoo and wildlife nutrition.
Grants may be funded up to $5000, and funding may be used to support research programs, including no more than $250 allocated to travel expenses.

Examples of projects eligible for ZWNF Research Grant support include:
animal studies evaluating nutrient intake and/or nutrient requirements
evaluation of nutrient content of dietary items
palatability work and other effects of diet/nutrition on behavior
development and/or validation of tools for nutritional assessment such as BCS methods

Examples of projects that are not eligible for ZWNF Research Grant support include:
diet surveys without some component described above
studies examining animal physiology without a nutrition component.

Projects should be completed within 18 months of funding receipt, and interim and final reports will be expected as noted in grant Timelines. Interim report will consist of a brief (no less than 1 paragraph) update on the current project status and timeline for completion, and a photograph to be used in ZWNF reports. The final report will consist of a short (up to 1 page) report of the results of the project, detailed use of funds, dissemination of results, and a photograph to be used in ZWNF reports.

To apply, submit a short proposal (5 page max, excluding CV and IACUC documentation) including the information listed below. A sample proposal representing a successfully funded grant is available using this link: (The Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition Foundation Research Grant Example):
Title and Investigators
Introduction with pertinent literature review
Purpose Statement & Hypothesis
o Experimental Design
o Analytical Methods
o Data Analyses
o Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval, if applicable
Statement of importance to field
CV for investigators
Letter of support from all institutions involved with the protocol
Description of funding amount requested, including details of what components will be supported
by ZWNF funding
o Please provide details of funding from other sources if required for project completion
o Note that funds cannot be used for overhead expenses
Dissemination plan
Literature Cited

Call for Grants 5/24/21
Grant proposals due 7/23/21
Grant awardee/s announced at ZWNF/NAG conference Oct 4-8, 2021
Funding provided following contract finalization and signature
Interim reports due 9/1/2022
Final report due by 4/21/2023

Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals will be evaluated by members or designees of ZWNF and AZA NAG. Anyone related to, or who
could potentially benefit from grant funding, will be excluded from the selection process. ZWNF board of directors and AZA NAG reviewers are not eligible for grant funding. Eligible proposals will be prioritized based upon those that most clearly meet the AZA NAG’s objectives and priority of funding.

Submit proposals to Barbara Henry, President, ZWNF, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220, or via email at

* Reports on projects or summaries will be viewable on the ZWNF section of the AZA NAG Website and will be included in the ZWNF annual report/updates. ZWNF must be acknowledged in all publications, papers, posters, presentations and other materials generated by the recipient. ZWNF logo should be used in all visual media (eg. poster, presentation). A contract between the grantee and ZWNF will clearly state these requirements and use of funds. Organizations outside the US will need to provide additional documentation of tax exempt status and financial records.