Hay and Pellet Ratios: Considerations in Feeding Ungulates


Lintzenich BA, Ward AM. 1997. Hay and Pellet Ratios: Considerations in Feeding Ungulates in Nutrition Advisory Handbook Fact Sheet 006


Formulating appropriate diets for zoo animals is a complex and challenging job, especially when formulating diets for the many types of herbivores. Herbivore feeding strategies include animals in a continuum from selectors of fruit and dicotyledon foliage (concentrate selectors) to unselective grazers of high fiber diets (grass and roughage eaters).18 Body size and digestive tract morphology are adapted to these different feeding strategies, or, perhaps vice versa. The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide for the feeding of this diverse group, recognizing that there is not universal agreement on their classification. Suggested diets are based on limited research with wild animals, extrapolation from data on nutrient requirements of domestic animals, and anecdotal experience.

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