Micronesian kingfishers: nutrition and dietary husbandry


Crissey SD, Toddes B, Slifka KA. 1999. Micronesian Kingfishers: nutrition and dietary husbandry. In Nutrition Advisory Group Handbook Fact Sheet 009


Due to the rapid decline of the wild Micronesian kingfisher (Halcyon cinnamomina cinnamomina) population on Guam, few data on dietary habits and associated nutrient intakes were gathered prior to establishment of a captive population. Although further information would be very helpful in developing appropriate diets for captive birds, the species is now extinct in the wild. Therefore, the dietary guidelines presented here are based on 1) published accounts of the feeding ecology of this species, 2) food preferences in captivity, 3) availability of accepted food items, and 4) nutrient requirements of other avian species. Recommendations given here are subject to revision as we learn more about the nutritional needs and food preferences of these birds.

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