Responsibilities of the SSP/TAG Nutrition Advisor

About nutrition advisors:

  • Nutrition advisors serve a key role for SSP/TAG programs in order to provide nutrition guidance for species/population-wide management plans.
  • Every SSP/TAG program has different needs.
  • Based on the size of the population, needs may include addressing institution-level nutritional issues, but most often it only encompasses the population as a whole.

Key responsibilities of the SSP/TAG nutrition advisor may include:

  • serve for an indefinite period, to be reapproved via vote of confidence by the SSP/TAG
  • provide summary of activities for the SSP/TAG chair as requested
  • complete nutrition guidelines and protocols within the timeline set by the SSP/TAG (newly formed SSP and TAG programs)
  • participate in the development of the nutrition section of the ACM
  • assist in the review of nutrition-related research applications to the SSP/TAG (including nutrition-related project endorsement)
  • regular update of the nutrition related bibliography for the SSP/TAG
  • review of the existing nutrition section of the ACM (or drafted section) by the SSP/TAG
  • participate in annual meetings and workshops, as requested (and support exists)Nutrition advisors do not and are not obligated to serve the individual holding institutions within the SSP/TAG program. If those institutions find they have numerous and/or in depth nutrition questions, they are encouraged to pursue hiring a qualified nutritionist or nutrition consultant to address those needs.

13 Oct 2016 NAG Steering Committee