From Farm to Fang: Sourcing Carcasses for Carnivores


Kerr K, Sheftel J, Sutherland-Smith M, Clancy M, Howard L, Fidgett A. 2017. From Farm to Fang: Sourcing Carcasses for Carnivore. In Ward A, Coslik A, Brooks M Eds. Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition Foundation and AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Frisco, TX.


Incorporating large whole prey items into the diet of carnivores (big cats, condors, and more) can provide complete nutrition – from the meat, bones, organs and even fur, as a source of fiber – with the beneficial effects of stimulating activity and promoting species-specific, naturalistic feeding behaviors. San Diego Zoo Global is evaluating potential addition of large whole prey items into the dietary management and welfare plans of carnivores at our institution.  The process from planning to initiation to evaluation will be discussed, including key topics such as supplier selection, logistics, and discussions regarding potential risks.

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