Effect of Vitamin D3/ Ascorbic Acid Supplementation on Growth and Tibia Characteristics of Green Water Dragons (Physignathus cocincinus, Cuvier 1829)


Oyarzun SE, Dufresne AL, Vlades EV, Crawshaw GJ, Leeson S. 1995. Effec of Vitamin D3/ ascorbic acid supplementation on growth and tibia characteristics of Green Water Dragons (physignathus cocincinus, Cuvier 1829). In Proceedings of the First Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Scarborough, OT.


A preliminary experiment was conducted to investigate the interactive effect of one level of a combined dose of vitamin D3/ascorbic acid (C) supplementation on growth performance and bone development in green water dragons (Physignathus cocincinus, Cuvier 1829) .Ten forty- seven day old female green water dragons obtained from one clutch of eggs were selected for this study. From birth to age 46-days, the dragons were raised on the standard Metro Toronto Zoo (MTZ) diet of dusted crickets on an ad-lib basis.

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