Callitrichids: nutrition and dietary and husbandry


Crissey SD, Slifka KA, Lintzenich BA, Gore M. 2003. Callitrichids: nutrition and dietary and husbandry. In Nutrition Advisory Group Handbook Fact Sheet 013


Meeting the nutritional needs of Callitrichids is essential to their survival and reproduction in captivity. Development of appropriate dietary guidelines involves information on 1) feeding ecology, 2) published nutrient requirements, often from studies of laboratory primates, 3) food preferences, and 4) foods available in zoos for diet formulation. This monograph is meant to provide a general overview of the feeding of Callitrichids. Several SSPs have published husbandry manuals for individual species, including species-specific recommendations. Please refer to these for additional and sometimes more specific information on nutrition and feeding.


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