Asian Small-clawed otters: nutrition and dietary husbandry


Maslanka M, Crissey SD. 1999,2002. Asian Small-clawed otters: nutrition and dietary husbandry.  In Nutrition Advisory Group Handbook Fact Sheet 011


To sustain a captive population of Asian small-clawed otters, the nutritional needs of the species must be met. Developing appropriate dietary guidelines requires consideration of (1) feeding ecology, (2) target dietary nutrient values, (3) food items available to zoos, and (4) information on diets offered by institutions successfully maintaining and breeding them. This paper will address these nutritional issues in order to develop dietary guidelines for captive Asian small-clawed otters.

NAG FS011 99 ASIAN SM-CLAWED OTTERS MAR 30, 2002.pdf     46 KB

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