Diets for Micronesian Kingfisher Halcyon c. cinnamomina


Crissey, S. and B. Toddes (1997) Diets for Micronesian kingfisher Halcycon c. cinnamomina. In: Micronesian Kingfisher Species Survival Plan Husbandry Manual. B. Bahner, A. Baltz and E. Diebold Eds. American Association of Zoos and Aquariums


Due to the rapid decline of the Micronesian kingfisher on Guam, little information on their nutritional needs was gathered prior to the establishment of a captive population. Although it is essential to develop appropriate dietary guidelines which meet the nutritional needs of the Micronesian kingfisher, additional information on their natural feeding behavior can no longer be obtained now that the species is extinct in the wild. Therefore, the dietary guidelines presented here are based on a combination of sources: 1) published accounts of the feeding ecology of this species, 2) food preferences in captivity, 3) availability of food items in captivity and 4) known nutrient requirements of other avian species. Recommendations given here are subject to revision as we learn more about the nutritional needs and food preferences of these birds.

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