Post-Doctoral Associate with the University of Florida and Disney’s Animal Kingdom

UF Job number: 493416
Within a team setting at Walt Disney’s World, the incumbent will help investigate the impact of using different diets/ingredients on the health and performance of the animal population. Incumbent will apply statistical models to help conduct studies /evaluations in order to determine their acceptability and impact on the health of animal species.
Duties will involve assessment of diets for terrestrial and aquatic captive wild species. Incumbent will meet with animal care staff, veterinarians, and nutritionists to discuss animal performance and health in order to evaluate the adequacy of the amount and nutrient content of the diets.  In collaboration with the team, dietary changes and amounts fed will be made when necessary.
The successful candidate will help disseminate results of research projects through appropriate journals, articles, and scientific presentations.  Attendance to selected animal nutrition-related conferences will be encouraged.   The position involves using various nutrition laboratory techniques and equipment including near infrared spectrophotometry, bomb calorimetry, respirometry equipment, etc. to assess quality of diets and help with obtaining research results. 
Work with Operation Manager (Nutritionist) and Animal Programs staff to help develop guest experiences that educate the public about animal nutrition and its role within conservation programs. Incumbent will answer questions of guests about animal health, performance, conservation, management, etc.   The incumbent will be shadowing in the food preparation area and learn the daily management of a modern Zoo Animal Nutrition Center (ANC). He /She will also work with Nutritionist, Assistant Nutritionist, ANC managers, and other staff in diet updates and diet assessments.
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