Aldrich G. 2013. Ingredient variability, stability, and processing effects. In Ward A, Coslik A, Mahan K, Treiber K, Reppert A, Maslanka M, Eds. Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Salt Lake City, UT.


Often the assumption when constructing diets for pets is that nutrient requirements are a fixed number found in a table. Likewise, we often hear of nutrient values for ingredients and assume that they are a constant. Common sense tells us both assumptions are false. For ingredients these values are subject to wide ranges in variation from supplier to supplier, from year to year, and from region to region. This variation can be affected over time during storage, whether it be freezing, baking, or drying. Further cooking, baking, extrusion, drying, and time on the shelf can all affect the nutrient and eating value of foods. This presentation will provide some background on these challenges and offer some examples of the challenges encountered matching nutrient requirement to delivery. In addition options and opportunities to overcome some of these challenges will be offered to aid the formulator and practitioner in meeting the animals’ nutritional needs.

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