Summary of polar bear nutrition guidelines


Lintzenich BA, Ward AM, Edwards MS, Griffin ME, Robbins CT. 2005. Summary of polar bear nutrition guidelines. In Graffam W, Hellinga D, Maslanka M, Ward A, Eds. Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Omaha, NE.


Polar bears, the most carnivorous of the Ursidae family, prey primarily on ringed seals. When brought into captivity, maintaining their nutritional and psychological health can be challenging. Due to the lack of in-depth species-specific research, dietary recommendations for polar bears are formulated considering known requirements of related domestic animals, the diets, and nutrients consumed by healthy captive bears. A balanced diet for captive bears could include a combination of nutritionally complete items (dry, raw, and/or gel), fish, bones, whole prey, and produce. All bears should be offered a diet that would maintain appropriate body condition across all seasons.

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