Role of nutrition programs in zoological institutions


Edwards MS. 2001. Role of nutrition programs in zoological institutions. In Edwards M, Lisi KJ, Schlegel ML, Bray RE, Eds., Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Lake Buena Vista, FL.


There is nothing more fundamental to the care of wild animals in captivity than the need to provide an adequate and appropriate diet. The impact of nutrition on the physical and psychological health, productivity and longevity of wild animals in captivity has been clearly recognized. Contributions to in situ conservation programs made by individuals professionally trained in nutritional sciences, and the ability to relate that information back to the care of captive wildlife has been made evident. Like all specialty sciences, the ever-changing field of nutrition requires trained individuals that can interpret, evaluate and implement therapies and programs, as well as appropriately investigate alternatives. Several AZA institutions have fortified their technical staff with persons trained in the discipline of nutrition. To promote the advancement of the profession, the function and contributions of nutritionists and related positions to enhance the programs of AZA institutions must be further defined.

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