Oxbow/Compana: Nutrition and Research Manager for Cats & Dogs

Nutrition and Research Manager – Dog Cat

Dog & Cat
Position Description
Reports to VP – Technical Services, Regulatory, and Quality
Provide technical expertise and support the company’s product development and management. Create and manage product formulations assuring safety and suitability for the application. Guide scientific efforts, designing, coordinating, and overseeing research, preparing reports, and making product and technical presentations to the organization. Develop and maintain relationships with industry consultants and provide technical support to the Marketing/Innovation and Education & Consumer Services teams.
• Ph. D. in animal nutrition
o Two to four years relevant work experience preferred; new graduates will be considered
o Exceptional candidates with an M.S. in animal nutrition and five plus years of relevant work experience will be considered
• Training and experience in nutrition of dogs and cats preferred
• Ability to communicate effectively with fellow scientists, veterinarians, and non-scientists within and outside the company
Required Skills and Abilities
• Excellent organizational skills: strong attention to detail; establishes priorities and meets deadlines; ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Relationship skills: positive attitude; builds trust; influential, consensus building; cooperative, yet persistent and appropriately assertive
• Resourcefulness: solution-focused; researches and explores opportunities to meet company goals; inquisitive; open minded and independent thinking
• Strong communicator: excellent written and oral communication skills; ability to present clearly both in person and using remote technologies; ability to convey complex subject matter in a clear, concise manner; communicates effectively across different levels of understanding
• Adaptability: flexibility in managing competing and changing priorities; helps others adapt to change
• Practical skills: experience in pet/animal ownership and husbandry is highly desirable
Key Responsibilities
• Create and maintain product formulas for Compana’s dog and cat supplement lines, working closely with the Marketing/Innovation, Food Safety & Quality (FSQ), and Procurement teams.
• Ensure product formulas are safe, nutritionally appropriate, and regulatory compliant, working closely with FSQ and Regulatory teams.
• Assist in the development and maintenance of quality and manufacturing specifications.
• Develop and maintain system for managing product formulas, raw material and finished product specifications, technical product information, and intellectual property.
• Become fluent in formulation software.
• Work closely with the Technical Services team and other stakeholders to set research strategy.
• Develop and maintain relationships with nutrition, product development, veterinary, and other key industry experts who offer advice, share information, and assist Compana with product and scientific research.
• Coordinate, participate in, and build upon Compana’s Technical Advisory Board.
• Design, oversee, and summarize feeding, product, and scientific research trials.
• Assist in identifying and evaluating new ingredients and manufacturing processes, working cooperatively with FSQ and Procurement teams.
• Assist FSQ team with product assay schedule, assuring guarantees are met over time.
• Research new product ideas and new applications for existing products.
• Research nutritional issues and considerations, as necessary.
• Support the nutritional/technical aspects of competitive market analysis throughout the product development and restage processes, providing feedback and insight to stakeholders.
• Provide technical expertise to Marketing/Innovation and Education & Consumer Services teams.
• Author, review, and present technical and nutrition articles for education and marketing purposes.
• Attend professional and industry meetings. Monitor industry publications, nutritional forums, and pertinent discussion groups to ensure Compana remains current with latest research and discoveries.
• Represent Compana at trade shows, as needed.
• Manage and coordinate the Nutrition Internship program (location dependent)
• Set and meet acceptable timelines for the completion of assigned tasks.
• Provide information and support to departments across Compana.
• Suggest improvements to systems and procedures, assisting with their implementation.
• Demonstrate a positive attitude and consensus-building approach when working with others in the organization.
• Perform other duties as assigned based on the needs of the company and to support individual interests and development.
Negotiable, anywhere in United States
Approximately 25%
Physical Considerations
Typical of office setting; supporting research will include standing, bending, twisting, stooping and lifting up to 50 lb; occasionally spending time in loud, dusty environments; standing at tradeshows; ability to travel by car and air