Oregon Zoo Seeks Animal Nutrition Manager

The Oregon Zoo is seeking to fill an Animal Nutrition Manager position.

Details: Animal Nutrition Manager | Job Details tab | Career Pages (governmentjobs.com)

In this role you will oversee, manage and direct all aspects of the Animal Nutrition Center, Commissary and the Oregon Zoo’s Animal Nutrition Program. The position will provide general direction and guidance for the Zoo’s nutrition program in accordance with modern animal nutrition science and the American Zoo and Aquarium Association’s (AZA) animal nutrition guidelines. Additionally, this position will conduct in depth diet analysis, diet formulation, evaluation and preparation in accordance with the most current standards and findings provided by animal nutrition science. The position will oversee and manage a large budget and a variety of contracts for animal food, animal bedding, and other related items, as well as commissary supplies. They will manage and supervise Nutrition Center staff and provide direction to Nutrition Technicians for duties such as ordering and stocking supplies, the preparation and dispensing of food, emergency orders and commissary supplies. The position will interface with other animal care departments (veterinary staff, animal care and animal welfare staff) to serve as a resource for dietary and nutritional questions or requests, and to provide the best possible nutrition to all the animals under the Zoo’s care.