Trace element intake of Cercopithecinae


Arnhold W, Anke M, Krische G, Goebel S. 2001. Trace element intake of Cercopithecinae. In Edwards M, Lisi KJ, Schlegel ML, Bray RE, Eds., Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Lake Buena Vista, FL.


The Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn and Mo intake was determined in 5 species of Cercopithecinae kept in captivity. The feed dry matter contained up to three times higher concentrations of trace elements compared to humans’ mixed and vegetarian diets. Although the mean body mass of the animals only amounted to 8% of the body mass of humans, they had a mean daily dry matter intake of 16 – 42% and a mean daily trace element intake of 18 – 128% of that of humans. However, when the daily trace element intake was related to the metabolic body mass, up to 9 times higher concentration of trace elements was found in the diet of Cercopithecinae compared to the diet of humans. Since the animals were clinically healthy and since the reproduction was not disturbed, a mean content of 60 mg Fe, 25 mg Zn, 6 mg Cu, 15 mg Mn and 0.4 mg Mo/kg feed dry matter is regarded as meeting the requirement.

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