Lisbon Zoo – The development of an animal nutrition department


Vidigal AG, da Silva JP. 1999. Lisbon Zoo – The development of an animal nutrition department. In Proceedings of the Third Conference on Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition, AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, Columbus, OH.


The need to fight against structural and financial difficulties characteristic of a Zoo with 100 years and located in the middle of Lisbon, had limited its proper evolution. Only in 1995 occured a profound restructuring at the Lisbon Zoo, in the midst of which arose the Animal Nutrition Department. Up to that time, the different keepers, in inadequate conditions for the purpose, executed the food preparation. When the Nutrition Department arose it became possible to centralize all the food preparation in a better facility, executed by a permanent staff team. This had allowed a gain of efficiency, productivity and better executed work. The facility improvement and the great staff specialization will allow the work of Wildlife Nutrition to begin within the next two years at the Lisbon Zoo.

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